Wednesday, September 30, 2015


It's October already and I'm not ready for it, yet.
September was very busy with Rally Day and the start-up of our cooperative confirmation program.
We've had several extremely ill parishioners and most of my visitation was running from hospitals to
nursing homes. Some of the folks have been travelling between the two. I was bracing myself for at
least one funeral. Thankfully, she is back in the nursing home and looked better than she has in several weeks. Stable. I am relieved.
   With October, the garden needs to be harvested and put to rest. I have plucked most of the tomatoes and pulled the basil since it's finally gotten colder at night. I still have more herbs to cut back and dry,
and pull some and put down the Sweet Peat. And of course, plant garlic for next year.
   The flower beds need to be cut down, weeds pulled and cow manure and bone meal put down. Sigh. It will have wait til Saturday as Friday is my cleaning day.
  I don't know how much longer I'll be at the L church - it's been three years already as their interim. I know they are in conversation with two other churches to see about sharing a pastor. So, I don't know if I need to plan for Advent/Christmas (which I think I will) but may be gone in the New Year.
    I pray that God will open up another position as the part-time visitation position at the M church doesn't pay much at all.
    I do feel that L church needs to move on and I do as well.
   In the meantime, I know how autumn runs into holidays - thanksgiving, advent and Christmas and am beginning to prepare for the inevitable shortness of time.
    I pray that God will prepare me to take leave of these folks for whom I have cared and open me to  care for new ones. I will miss this church, even with their problems, and sometimes orneriness.
    My van, Eirene, which is 1 year old plus a couple weeks has well over 30,000 miles on it already.
I am slowly getting weary of the commuting and dealing with drivers who hog the left lane, drive way too fast, don't use their standard equipment turn signals, drive  without headlights/taillights in the rain splashed roads so you can't always judge how close you are to them (hello, your running lights being on doesn't mean your taillights are on), and of course, all of the trucks and semi's.
     This year, I only had one Sunday off and am ready for at least one more. Don't know when I will fit that in.
    Transition is in the air. It needs to happen. I yearn for it and I dread it. God is ever present in the constant changes in our lives. God is that steadfast ever abiding presence and I will trust.

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