Thursday, October 15, 2009

Things Are Different:
When lives are in transition you notice how different things have become and are.
With both LH and I in the call process, we are experiencing the lack of open calls at the moment. Fortunately, God has provided me with an interim position even though it involves my only being home 2 nights a week. LH is interviewing for a short interim the next town over. That would buy us some time before a major move.
However, LH is also interviewing a small rural church far from much of anything and it has a very small manse with a one car garage.
It has been nice to have our own home, to have 2 1/2 baths, and a kitchen with some counter space and cabinets. Our house is nothing spectacular, just an ordinary, average house in a middle class subdivision. We live simply, moderately (although our basement is full with retreat items, books, leftovers from our move, craft supplies, Christmas presents for this year).
I am struggling with leaving this home and having to go into a parsonage again where pastors and their families are expected to make do. It will only have one bathroom, the bedrooms and closets will be small, and the yard is not fenced in for our greys. I don't expect luxurious surroundings. But why would a church hold on to a manse that has only one bathroom? What family in this day and age can function with only one bath? Have I been too spoiled? I think not. This will be a very hard move to make and many of our things and books will have to go into storage. I know it is only the two of us and we don't have children. But if and when family visits it will be awkward. It is so rural, that buying a home would entail living a town or two away. I don't think the church would be open to that. Sigh.
I will cross that bridge when we get to it. Perhaps, God has something else in mind for us that has not yet made itself known. Have to trust in God and what God yet has in store for us. I am trying desperately to be open, but it is so very hard. I know we do not lead "normal lives", but must we have to live in ways most parishioners don't? Am I way off base here?

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