Friday, October 16, 2009


1. What is your favorite footwear at this time of your life?
Something comfortable, not over 2 inch heel, wide, cushioned.
I really like the Soft Spots Stephanie pumps. Wish they came in

2. What is the craziest shoe, boot or sandal you ever wore?
Probably a platform shoe or sandal in the early '70's.

3. What kind of shoes did you wear in your childhood?
Practical ones - brown, black or white, depending on the season.
Black and white saddle shoes were my favorite - flat, wide, comfortable.
Got pretty upset when my Mom threw out an oldish pair. Hated to see them
go out of style.

4. How do you feel most comfortable? Barefoot, flip-flops, boots, or what?
My Columbia suede mules - just slide in. At home, my boiled wool slippers
which keep my feet warm but not sweaty.

5. What kind of socks do you like if any?
In the winter, my cashmere blend socks. They keep my feet so nice and warm
and they're soft!

BONUS: Anything you want to share about feet or footwear.
Now you've pushed my button!!! What's up with shoes these days? Either
they have 3 inch heels or none at all. The vamps often cut right across
my bunions. And why can't some of the styles come in a 11 wide? Sometimes
10's are too short. All the cute styles don't come in 11 or 10 W.
It must be the shoe manufacturers' and designers' conspiracy!!!! Yet,
bunions come from too narrow a shoe. They have created deformed feet in
the middle-aged. (some of its hereditary, though!)

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