Saturday, August 22, 2009


I witnessed a miracle today.
Gathered in a room with the least and the lost, the poor and the hungry patiently seated on metal folding chairs clutching their numbers waiting for the food distribution we began devotions amid the boxes of produce, cellophane bags of bakery and brown paper shopping bags filled with food that surrounded us.
Later that afternoon, the volunteer came into the church with a crisp new $100.00 bill - a donation received not from another volunteer, a church member or from a local business, but rather from one of those who came and received help.
An older black woman whose number was called, rose up, received her groceries and pressed the $100.00 bill into the volunteer's hand. "You are the church that's cared. I haven't always done right by Jesus. But I've paid my bills and I want you all to have this."
A miracle that will buy more food to help the ones most hurting. A miracle of generosity in the midst of great want and need. A miracle of biblical proportions that astounded us all. A miracle of the presence of Christ and his transforming love, grace, compassion and care.
From the least of us - an example of faith, forgiveness and generosity.
Her gift meant more than winning the lottery and hallowed all the Tuesdays of hard work and time. We thought we gave, but this one woman gave so much more and revealed to us all the miracle of serving and loving Christ our Lord.
Let us not dismiss what we do in love so lightly or look upon it as mere duty or service - but rather as an act of love and gratitude so great it becomes and is a miracle.

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