Monday, April 27, 2009

Why I haven't been posting as much:
-having to watch Toby and Jett as they go out in the backyard to prevent
more injuries requiring stitches
-pulling dandelions in the front flower beds
-planting herbs (thyme, rosemary, Greek oregano, parsley). The Basil will have to
wait until the last frost date. This year I'm determined not to lose a Basil plant.
-pulling weeds out of the herb garden - more yet to do
-running to the dry cleaners to pick up 2 pairs of pants with new zippers.
They were supposed to be ready on Friday, then Saturday after 2 pm. Will they
be ready today?!!? If not, we will start a Dry Cleaner pool.
-sweeping all the dog hair bunnies off the floor (mainly Toby) Mental note:
no more white greyhounds!
-cleaning up all the bits and pieces of items that Toby destroys:
1 pottery snail (in a planter, on top of a small side table, in the dining room
where both entrances have an unfolded cardboard box spanning
the entrance held in place by a dining room chair. Toby is
a Houdini!)
Several hardback books
Catalogs on the coffee table
1 wooden parrot - in the planter in the entryway
Uprooted the date palm in the kitchen area
Chewed through the basket handle of our magazine basket
You get the picture!
-making visits
-writing sermons
-working on the church newsletter
-cooking dinner and cleaning up
- feeding dogs and bluebirds
-checking the slug trap
-dreaming of taking vacation
-cleaning the house (the deal was, if I was no longer full-time, I'd take over
cleaning house again.)
Yup, that's pretty much it. Keeps me busy and the gardening keeps my hamstrings sore!

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