Monday, April 06, 2009


Yesterday we celebrated Palm Sunday with our children's Easter program during worship. Grandparents came and helped fill in the pews! A retired Presbyterian pastor from the Sunshine State joined us as he is gathering genealogical information in these parts.
The Prelude was a piano, clarinet, flute piece featuring 3 Sr. Hi'ers. All arranged by the pianist. It was a great piece and nicely done. (Which brings to mind, the prelude 2 weeks ago that this same Sr. Hi'er arranged from 2 hymns in our hymnal, one of which was, "I Want Jesus to Walk With Me". He had copies of the 2 hymns (2 pieces of paper) on the piano and what he played from memory and spirit, had little to do with anything on those 2 printed pages. There were arpeggios and glissandos that were no where in sight except in the heart and fingers of this most gifted young man.)
The kids shared readings, and the younger ones, each added a fresh spring flower to the vase in front of the cross. Every child had a part or something to do. Then, the Tone Chimes played and did very well. The Children's Choir sang 5 short songs and actually sang them! I mean, there was some volume to them!!!
Worship was followed by a coffee hour and a marvelous time for socializing. It was a most blessed and enjoyable Palm Sunday.
A wee bit of calm before the storm of Holy Week.

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