Tuesday, February 24, 2009

50th Birthday Celebration Continues...

So, on my real birthday, we had a simple dinner, since LH had confirmation classes that night. I had a frozen chocolate mousse granache cake from TJ's which I defrosted and there was a 5 and 0 candles on it. LH sang Happy B'Day and I blew out the candles and we ate cake.
When LH returned around 9 pm, we broke out some bubbly (fine champagne)and had a toast. I unwrapped my present - a Nikon camera with an extra lens!!! Wow!! I'll have to start snapping away and working on the art of photography.
My BIL & SIL sent a box with fun things - a tiara, a sash that read Princess, shoe vamp clips to dress up my boiled wool slippers, Beautiful by Estee Lauder which I spritzed on, a lovely journal, shower gel, 50 Something Word magnet set, an inuksuk cross rubber stamp, and Clodhoppers!!! (How I wish you could get them here and not have to import them from North of the Border!!!) I put on some 50's and Luau music and danced around with my tiara and all much to the consternation of the greys!!!!!!
The next night, LH treated me to a nice dinner out. Thus ended the celebrations, or so I thought.
I came home last evening and LH said a box came for me. I couldn't remember ordering anything and LH said it's from Apple. Apple? With great curiosity, I opened the box and found a hardcover book entitled "Cruising the Carribean" - A 50th Birthday Celebration! My niece S, put together her Mom's and her pictures and with her computer and program put this wonderful book together along with some text on the flaps of the cover and on the first page. What fun!!! I knew they took many more pictures than I did and it was neat to relive those three days together.
I do think this is finally it! The Celebration lasted nearly the whole month.
I have the best sister in the world and I love her dearly as I do my niece. I am so very blessed and graced with the family I've known and loved all my life. It is so very humbling to have had such a fuss made over me. I could do with so much less and still be just as blessed and graced. I am so thankful for my sister and family, for LH and yes, even his family who still have something to learn about caring for one another.
As we approach Lent, I will savor being loved, being loved by LH, by my sister and family, being loved by God, being loved by Christ. There is nothing greater in all the world. Our retirement portfolio may have taken a huge hit, our furniture old and mismatched, LH drives an old car, but I am rich and wealthy beyond compare, for I am loved with the greatest love that ever was, is and shall be. And that is the best birthday gift ever.

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