Thursday, June 01, 2017


Here it is Pentecost after a busy Easter season. How do these 50 days go so fast?
  So, I am making red fabric prayer ribbons for Sat/Sun. Last night and tonight - cutting red fabric into strips. I will invite the congregation to write their prayer for the church on the strip and then after worship, go into the prayer garden and tie their prayer ribbon onto one of the benches.
  The prayer garden is small but a peaceful courtyard with lovely flowers paved patio with somewhat black rusted benches and a non-functioning water fountain with 3 large water jars, one of which is always blown loose and it would roll and rest on its side near the edge of the grass. So now there are only 2 water jars. (or large vases, whatever they are).
   I will leave those prayer ribbons out for the summer at least. No one ever goes in there, except for Easter Sunday when the really little kids had their Easter Egg Hunt there.
   Maybe it will give folks a chance to express a prayer for their faith community and to see their
prayers be moved by the wind - by the Spirit. I pray that their prayers will be carried to God and healing, hope and vibrancy would take up residence within and around them.
   Maybe as I age, I need hope, energy and vibrancy in my self!!! There are days, when I think, I'm getting too old for this!!! And then the Spirit sparks an idea and off I go and cut up 1 3/4 yards of
red fabric into prayer ribbons!!!
   Since the church is a cathedral, it is hard to hang stuff without a ladder and help and whatever is hung needs to be long enough. So, I'm a bit challenged in the use of space and fabric. Somehow crepe paper streamers didn't seem quite the thing here as in the previous church. Too bad! With red, orange and yellow, twice as much red as the other colors, they had movement and brought in color which was really pretty neat.
    So this year it is red prayer ribbons.
   Since I'm only part-time, it also cuts into my creativity and time to do things.
   But maybe I should just trust the Spirit where it leads me and if it is red prayer ribbons - then that's what it needs to be. And then allow God's Spirit to do the work!

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