Tuesday, October 04, 2016


Never have I felt so loved by a congregation than L church. My last Sunday was a week ago Sunday, Sept. 25.
  To my surprise, there was a thanksgiving for conclusion for interim time that the council president fashioned from sources because she wanted more than just the denominational one. All council members took part at various places in the sanctuary.
   Following worship, I was expecting cake and coffee, but there was a hot lunch with chicken, green and wax beans, roasted potatoes, salad and rolls. The council president who bakes made the most beautiful cake and it tasted as delicious as it was beautiful.
   The council president presented me with a copper faith bracelet, a CD of  thanks and well wishes by members of the church and even some nursing home and homebound folks. I couldn't watch it for a few days and had the Kleenex box handy. There was a candle - in the four years with them I burned through a candle at council meetings! There was a card full of cash. There was a table of gifts. And lots of cards. I was sent home with a meal for LH and I, lots of stuff and, more love than I have ever experienced being just an interim.
   I might have expected this at the end of a called pastorate, but for an interim? I was blown away and deeply touched and truly moved. I do feel that I left them better than when I came to them. I pray it continues to just get better. I will miss them all and do miss them.
  It's moments like this that makes up and over for the really crappy ones and makes me feel as though I was about the right things and have touched lives with the heart of Christ.
   Since, then, I had to write a newsletter article for the other L church, I will begin serving the end of Oct. They wanted an Oct newsletter article before I even started. I also officiated their Sat. evening
worship as they were in a bind with no one. In a way, it was good I did, so I see how it is done.
   This past Sunday, I was finally able to worship at M church on World Communion Sunday. I just
felt I needed to be in a faith community celebrating communion. Well, the senior pastor was thrilled and had be preside over communion. Fine. First time in worship with no clue as to how they do things and I'm presiding at the Table!! It all went well after a quick tutorial before worship. There were 2 services with Sunday School inbetween. I got 10 minutes earlier than I had been and got home 20 minutes later than at L church!!! It was a very service with a baptism, receiving new members and communion. I was  tired.
   Did I mention that I started getting sick on Tues and couldn't make it in to M church on Thurs. Spent the day on the couch and slept a lot. I'm still coughing and still a bit stuffed up.\
   So, since I left my position, it's been just as busy as ever.
   Next week - vacation! 2 weeks! Out of the country! No cell phone!
   Now if only LH doesn't get too sick - he's stuffed up now too - we'll be good!
  Loved. Loved beyond measure. Loved beyond being just a mere interim. I feel so blessed!

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Martha Spong said...

I'm glad there was such kindness and love.