Monday, May 09, 2016


For this Friday Five we are to name 5 transitions in our lives:

1. Gearing up for Pentecost Sunday and Ordinary Time and leaving the Easter season behind -
    all the wonderful appearances of the risen Christ. It was as if Jesus stayed around long
    enough to truly convince his disciples that he had indeed arisen from death. Now, he
    leaves them again - but sends God's Spirit to empower, guide and direct them. I enter
    into a new church season.

2. Preparing for my niece's wedding - she will be married and moving ahead in her life with
    her residency and new husband. I wonder if she will still call me once in awhile or if that
    will fall by the way? We've had some good conversations and I think I was able to share
    some wisdom with her. Hope that may still happen.

3. Looking forward to family time together and transitioning from normal time and duties to
    vacation days and just savoring being with my family. (Probably easier once the ceremony
    is over - since I am officiating)

4. Wondering how much I will be at L church and knowing that I will be moving on to
    another call - somewhere, sometime. It's been 3 years and 8 months at this interim. I
    and they are ready to move on. Hope this candidate works out for them and I pray that
    God has another position for me in the near future that will work out well.

5. Slowly feeling my age? With LH turning 60 this year, the realization is slowly dawning
     that I, too, am starting to stare down 60 as well - and then, what, 10-15 years more?
    It is a bit daunting and unsettling and not sure when we can ever retire. In some ways,
    I'm ready now - so that I can do some other things. However, unless we win the
    lottery that won't be happening any time soon. Still beginning to reflect on this time
    and age in my life....

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