Monday, April 18, 2016


Many things need attention but this Friday Five* focuses on 5 unfinished things:

1. My sermon for this coming Sunday. God grant me wisdom and insight.

2. The wedding sermon and ceremony for my niece in May. Still largely not together. Bits
    and pieces are there.

3. The pile of clothes that need to be bagged for donation. Yikes! That was to be a Lenten
    act of stewardship. I blew that one big time!

4. Hemming my husband's linen pants for said wedding.

5. Finding sandals/shoes for the wedding that aren't a mile high and won't hurt my bunions
    and feet, look cute and go with the dress. (This one may be a feat in futility!)

6. There is so much more - something for the potluck at the UM church Sat. evening, cleaning
    house, wrapping my great-niece's birthday gifts - she'll be 2! Graduation card for my
   niece with a check for getting her MD/PhD. Getting the van washed, an oil change needed as
   well. And getting gardening work done and stuff planted in the midst of all going on.

*I am well aware this is Monday. I worked on my sermon and liturgy for Joy Sunday on
Friday morning, ran errands, tweaked a memorial service sermon. On Sat. I did grocery
shopping, filled the gas tank of the van, and officiated a memorial service, gathered items
needed for Joy Sunday - made a poster, got costumes, giveaways, cloths, my red nose, etc.
I ran around all Sunday morning, let worship, enjoyed the church brunch, drove the hour
home, filled the gas tank and plunked down for a nap. So Friday Five is late!!!!

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