Sunday, January 24, 2016


So the challenge for us this week is to write about animals. OK and I know this is two days late.
pent Friday cleaning house and Sat. running errands and prepping for Sunday, but here we go anyway:
  1. Tell us about an animal you know: perhaps one of your pets, or the pet of a friend or family member, or the cat that hangs around the church.
           Our greyhound, Renoir, is our 5th grey. He has the softest coat of any grey we've ever had. He is white with brindle patches and the white is kind of diffused next to his brindle patches which is how he got the name Renoir. It was also the only name he reacted to! He is the laziest grey ever. Mostly content to lay in his bed. He never runs laps or plays with toys. He does like food and is always in the kitchen when I am checking things out and always interested in getting a tidbit. He is a good, but quiet grey and has a serious nature, but very loveable!
  1. What’s your favorite real animal? Walking stick bug? Penguin? T-Rex? Echidna?
              That would be dogs! Although I like otters a lot too.
  1. What’s your favorite fantasy/mythological animal? Unicorns? Hippogryphs?
            That would be a Pegasus - a flying horse. Always thought they were cool.
  1. What’s your favorite fictional animal – Scooby Doo? Garfield the Cat? Grape Ape?
            Probably Lassie - a smart dog that could find its way home, loyal, trustworthy and good.
  1. What animal best represents who you are today, and why? Is it an animal that exhibits fierceness? Or one that’s loyal?
               My animal totem has most often come up as a turtle. Slow, steady, determined,
               with a bit of a hard shell but soft on the inside. Able to navigate land and water.
               Will stick its neck out at times and can disappear into its shell. There are other
               attributes, but I can't remember them.

Obviously, since all the questions are numbered one, I had some trouble with this one.

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spookyrach said...

I always wanted one of those Mobile Oil Pegasus signs from way back when. They're so cool!

I have also always wanted a grey hound, even since dog sitting one for a week, years ago. So beautiful, graceful and completely lazy! Love 'em!