Tuesday, November 11, 2014


for crazy business - Advent Sunday services, mid-week Advent services, a confirmation class on the Exodus and wilderness wandering whose curriculum I had to write complete with handouts, prayer stations, and reflective questions for the family to discuss at home. Then there was the newsletter article due. I am behind in my monthly reports. There was council and my visitation report for the other church.
  Did I mention I still have more Iris leaves to cut down, Christmas gifts to wrap and send, a Christmas letter in English and German to write and cards to address.
  Plus the dining room table has been a catch all and must be decluttered and emptied before Thanksgiving. Dare I even say that it still has the Christmas table cloth on it?!!? I am embarrassed about that. Fortunately, there's so much stuff on the table you hardly notice it!!!
  One day last month, I was driving home on my long commute and was behind a small SUV with the strangest bumper sticker - I (heart) Crackwhores! How awful is that? Not even funny, but sad. The driver was in his 20's wearing a hoodie. It was disturbing to say the least.
   Fortunately, a couple days later while en route between visits I saw a van with several sayings on it: "Today is full of possibilities", Live the dream of your life", etc. very uplifting, redeeming, and positive which more than cancelled out the horrid bumper sticker on that SUV.
  Christ redeems our days and our lives with his grace, love and forgiveness. He is the One who brings hope where there is none, refreshes and renews us with his strength and love.
   In the midst of all this crazy business, I look to my Lord for calm and peace amid these stormy days, for strength and endurance, for the power to do all I need, for grace to work under pressure, and for his endless love in which I am held ever and always.

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