Wednesday, June 26, 2013

isn't that the way vacations are, too short! We really could have used an extra day or two. 6 days is way too short!
Part of it was, my sister and BIL were out of town when we arrived in the Windy City. I did get to see my niece though later that night. And I was fortunate enough to find lined wool slacks - black & grey - at the Talbots Outlet at a very good price!!!
Then it was up to WI the next morning with a stop at the Outlet Stores just over the IL border. Found a few items at Eddie Bauer and Coldwater Creek. Then onward to our favorite lunch stop - a Greek place just up the interstate - with the absolute best gyros ever, full of tasty lamb/beef.
Onward past Milwaukee and a stop at the grocery store to pick up needed items and then the few miles to the Lake House, where we were wowed by the expansion and remodeled kitchen and new guest bathroom that looks like a contemporary museum. The entry way is all new with wonderful tile floor that has a wood-looking tile running on diagonal two ways with lighter sand colored tile in between. Looks like wood planks intersecting the lighter tile.
It was chilly at the Lake and I saved my walk on the beach for the next day and it was lovely. We did manage to go to the small town with the artsy stuff. We actually bought a switchplate cover and socket cover for our 1/2 bath which I had admired for the past several years. It matches perfectly to out sage bathroom with oak cabinetry. Should have bought them 5 years ago!!!
Enjoyed a wonderful Fish Fry at a local place with my sister and BIL and niece who came up on Friday. The birthday flamingo was decorated not with a birthday hat, but with a mini foam cheese triangle I found at the cheese store!!! It was too funny!!!
My nephew and his wife arrived the next day in time for lunch and my niece's significant other arrived in time for dinner. We were a very full house, but in a good and satisfying way.
The Famer's Market had not yet much to offer, mostly onions, radishes, etc. I did find a Larkspur that I have to plant this weekend.
Dinner was grilled Cornish hens with a cole slaw salad I made, quinoa with roasted egg plant and zucchini which my niece made. So it was a community affair!!!
There was a croquet game over some very rocky, pitted and potholed turf - the construction was hard on the yard and the yard still needs to be landscaped, eventually this fall. My nephew and his wife were behind and decided to just play by wrecking havoc on everyone else. LH and I did manage to win which is unheard of - not for him, but for me. I am so used to losing that I couldn't even believe some of my good shots.
Although it did warm up some, Lake Michigan was still too cold to really get my feet wet and the one day, it got too chilly and choppy to kayak. Guess we may have to head there again, maybe later this year, maybe if we're fortunate enough.
Now, it's back to the holy grind and preparing for the 4th of July and company.
I am so grateful for the time away and to be with my family - nephew and his wife, niece & meeting her guy, my sister and BIL.

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