Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Advent Busy
catching up on all there is to do. Christmas cards have been addressed, overseas and domestic. The overseas ones have their German or English letter, and I still have to put English letters in the domestic cards. And get stamps!
I still have gifts to wrap and package to get in the mail.
Christmas Eve worship service is still going around in my head.
I have to run off sheets of stars on bright yellow paper for Epiphany, so that I can write words on them, cut them all out and have these "star gifts" for the congregation
on Epiphany Sunday. It does take time to cut out a hundred stars.
I'm starting to feel the crunch and we didn't even put up a Christmas tree. I still have to put up the Nativity scene on our mantel and put the Christmas tablecloth on the dining room table. And perhaps, splurge on an evergreen swag to put on the kitchen table along with a couple of candles.
I'm behind. The luxury of the cruise has now made for a more hectic Advent.
I pray for enough time, even though I don't decorate as much or bake cookies or host holiday parties or are invited to any. It's just the few simple things that are even rushed this year.
I have begun to listen to my Christmas CD's in the van, and can savor them during my hour commute time each way. That is where I will find my breathing space this Advent. On the road, like Mary and Joseph, slowly making their way to Bethlehem. So, I am on the road and making my way to the manger and the very love, heart and grace of God born in the Christ child.
May God walk with us on our Advent roads that will once again lead us to a humble manger and the One who is the heartbeat of God and the Light of the World.

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