Monday, May 07, 2012

be working on a newsletter article, but I'm not ready to work on it.
be looking for a little graduation advice piece I once wrote and continue to give to graduates
be washing windows, but it's going to rain today
be weeding the herb garden, but it's going to rain today
be thinking about this week's sermon
but I am not there either.
So, instead, I'm contemplating the buds of the Siberian Iris that may bloom this week, the tight buds
of my huge poppy plant, and the begonia that over-wintered in my upside-down pot. That one amazes me.
I didn't even try to over-winter that begonia. My intention was that it would die and I would plant
an impatien in it instead. I went to the pot in the unheated garage this spring and lo and behold,
there was a white stalk with a leaf on it. I took the pot outside and the leaf has sprouted two
more leaves, the stalk is now reddish and looks to have grown a bit. All without even trying!!!
What a surprise.
I have the hope that other things would spring forward in my life, but I am still waiting
on the Great Silence.
Maybe today is just a day to sit with that and God. Perhaps, that is what I should be doing
and not all the other things on my list and radar. So, today, I will spend as a day of
contemplation and prayer and the oil change appointment this afternoon. I will get to the
other stuff, but for today, contemplation and prayer. And it is enough.

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