Monday, May 11, 2009


The Geraniums arrived and I bought 6 red ones, along with 2 Silver Falls vines and on Friday planted them in my flower boxes and attached them to the porch railing. Then I mixed up some nectar and put the hummingbird feeder out. It's a wee feeder that hangs from a standing hook in my flower box.
I also did more weeding. The lupine has come up, the poppy plant is wildly growing, my forget-me-nots came back and are blooming, the Pin Cushions have taken over and have buds, the Dr. Suess flowers (Bee Balm) are abundant, but the Butterfly bush seems to have not remembered to come back and neither has the Larkspur. Two on the list to replace.
I still have to get some marjoram from the Herb Fair this weekend. But the other herbs are in except for the Basil. Ahh, the wisdom of a 50 year old that has lost a Basil every year for the past 5 years. I'm outsmarting nature this year and am waiting til the last frost date. Good thing, since they are predicting a light frost or near frost tonight.
If only I could keep the weeds and grasses at bay. 'Tis an ongoing job to weed. Little by little it all gets done and some I learn to live with knowing I can never eradicate them all. (Probably could, if I used Preen. However, Preen inhibits the growth of seeds of plants that reseed themselves (sometimes my snapdragons do) and perenials that drop seeds and spread themselves (which I wanted my perenials to do).
So, there, I live with weeds and among weeds. And some weeds are kinda nice and flowery you just have to watch that they don't take over and choke out the good flowers.
Sometimes, I have to let the weeds grow because I don't want to damage pulling out something good, like my anemones and crocuses, or young bee balm. When the flowers are done blooming and the weeds rise up, I can tell by the leaves which are which and pull the weeds unmercifully. Sometimes, I can't tell til the weed is bigger, that it's a weed and not something I planted!!!!!
One weed I've tried to grow is Milkweed. I started the seeds indoors last March thinking that by June, I could plant them outside!!! They are the slowest growing seeds that turned into thess fragile spindly stems with leaves. I nurtured them all spring, summer, fall and winter, even repotting them, always watering them. Now, a year later, I decided it was time and planted them at the side of the house by the backyard fence. They get sunlight, but shade from the fence. I'll just have to remember to water them since they are under the overhang and it doesn't get as wet.
They are on their own and have to stand for themselves!!!! Now, they are a weed and should propagate well, one would think. I have cared for them over a year and it was time for them to grow deeper roots and find their place in the world. I hope they make it. Will check on them this evening. Still the nurturer who can't entirely let go!!!
There grows my garden...

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