Thursday, September 13, 2007


I bought 5 red plastic portfolio folders (the kind with the pockets) for the Confirmation Class. Don't ya know it, there's a big label slapped across the front!
Removing the label in one piece has proven a futile endeavor. I am scrapping the label off bit by bit with my fingernail. I have 4 more folders to go. I am ready to string up the idiots of the company that makes these folders!!! I'd like them to peel off the labels on their folders in their board room. This is the 21st century, by gum, surely there are adhesives that come off more easily!!!
I am greatly peeved!


SpiritMists said...

If they're plastic, a little rubbing alcohol should help...maybe?

Hee hee, you should make the kids memorize an extra prayer or two for due costs...

St. Inuksuk said...

Good idea!!!
Actually, I took an old utility flat edge knife and scraped the labels off. Then I took Goo-gone and wiped the sticky residue off which worked like a charm.
Maybe an extra sermon report due from the kids!

Widening Circles said...

Goo-gone is good, but if you don't happen to have any, regular kitchen-type vegetable oil will work as well. Rub it on, let it soak in, then rub off with a paper towel.